Vieraskynä: FINS – We need your presence in LYON May 8 – 11

Dear friends, fellow Senators,

we know that you Fins have the most beautiful lakes, the most delicious fish, the sexiest men, the hardest working women, the best vodka, the healthiest saunas, more reindeers than others have cows and the biggest national senate in these days. And we love to visit you on a pretour to your joint World Congress in Talinn this November.

But we also need you and the Finish spirit in Lyon. We need you because you can celebrate best. – The 50th anniversary of the European Senate is an important occasion for this.

We need you. Who else should we drink with?

We need you because you Finns have always been an important part of Europe and we want to discuss your views of Europe and the world in these times.

We celebrate 50years of the European Senate, we celebrate young Senators, we celebrate the, where Finland was a big contributor at the start.

We need your seriousness, your happiness, your ideas. Here you find the program:

Join us. We Europeans want to have you among us. You belong to us!

European Senate President

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