Hyvät JCI-ystävät, arvoisat Senaattorit,

terveiset JCI Sponsorship Committeesta! Tapaamme pian Tampereen Eurooppa-kokouksessa, mutta halusin levittää sanaa jo etukäteen erityiskampanjasta koskien uusia JCI Foundation -lahjoittajia sekä lahjoittajatason korottajia. Jos koet, että nuorkauppakamari on antanut paljon eväitä elämääsi ja haluat antaa järjestölle jotain takaisin, tee lahjoitus JCI Foundationiin ja voit olla ylpeä siitä, että sinun avullasi tuetaan nuorkauppakamarin kehitystä ympäri maailmaa pitkälle tulevaisuuteen. Lue alla oleva teksti ja ota yhteys Jenniin, niin kerron, kuinka pääset mukaan!


Dear JCI Senators,

Greetings from JCI Sponsorship Committee for Europe! We will meet soon in Tampere, but there is one special campaign going on during the JCI European Conference this year, so we wanted to spread the word already now to you and to your National Organizations!

JCI Foundation is supporting our organization to develop through donations to different projects for training courses, leadership skills development, and expanding our organization locally and nationally. We need more donations to make sure, that we can support JCI Movement also in the future.

JCI Foundation Donors are people and corporate partners that want to give back to the organization and leave the legacy for upcoming generations for sustainable development and positive change in the communities. The organization that once changed their life for the better is so dear to us that we want to save it to the future.

JCI members, Senators, Alumnis and corporate partners becoming JCI Foundation Donors now or during the JCI European Conference, will get some extra benefits compared to the usual protocol of making donations. These steps are also available to JCI Foundation donors that want to upgrade their donor level during the campaign time. We will organize an Early Bird Pinning Ceremony during Trade Show Opening Ceremony for new Phil Pugsley Patrons, Henry Giessenbier Fellows and David Chua-Unsu Patrons, and a special VIP Reception on Saturday at 17.00 for all donors in JCI Foundation.

More information from JCI Sponsorship Committee Members for Europe present at the JCI European Conference; Jenni Ahlstedt jahlstedt@jci.cc and Jonathan J Borg jborg@jci.cc. You will also meet us and see our presentations during Growth & Development Academy, National Presidents’ Meeting and General Assembly.

Welcome to Tampere!
Jenni Ahlstedt and Jonathan J Borg #75028

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