Reconnect to JCI by Joining JCI Alumni!

Dear JCI Senators,

Warm greetings to each one of you and thank you for your continued dedication to JCI. It is so important that we as Senators continue to remain involved with JCI and support members in their work to create positive change in their communities.

I am writing you today to inform you about the launch of a new initiative within JCI — the JCI Alumni Program. The purpose of the JCI Alumni Program is to reconnect former JCI members to the JCI Movement, to harness their resources in service of the JCI Mission and engage these former members in telling the JCI story. As the worldwide JCI community launches into its second century of impact, it is the perfect time for former JCI members to reconnect with the JCI community and give back to an organization that has created positive change in the lives of so many individuals.

The JCI Alumni Program is separate from being a Senator and brings added value and a greater network to you as part of the JCI community. It is an open program available to any former JCI member who has exceeded membership age to reconnect these individuals to the JCI Movement and mobilize new resources in service of the JCI Mission. This means that there will be a much stronger network of former JCI members who can connect and join us in this special year of celebration.

Therefore, I would encourage you to consider joining the Alumni Program as well as inviting all of your JCI friends who may not be Senators. There are numerous benefits to being part of the JCI Alumni Program including special members rates at JCI events, networking opportunities, chances to support JCI projects and initiatives, speaking opportunities at JCI events to share stories of impact, exclusive JCI Alumni merchandise and more. Overall it will serve to further unite us as a community of people committed to bringing positive change. The fact that this program is open to all members who have aged out of JCI means that it will be a much more expansive network of active citizens with which to reconnect and build new relationships.

For more information, please see; sign-ups will begin today, March 31. While we know that there are a vast number of members who have aged out of JCI, until now, we have not had a comprehensive way to connect them to each other and develop that network. Please consider joining and inviting your JCI friends to support and benefit from the JCI Alumni Program.
Sincerely yours,

Shine Bhaskaran
2015 JCI Senate Chairperson

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