Senotium 2015. Tromsø, Norway, September 3. – 6. 2015

On behalf of the JCI Norwegian Senate and all Senators in Norway we have the pleasure to welcome all our Senator friends to the 2015 Senotium.

The artic experience.

Tromsø is located at 69 degrees north. The theme for this Senotium is around artic history, settlement in the north and local food and drinks.

The purpose of the Senotium.

It is an informal gathering of Norwegian Senators, their spouses and Senator friends from all over the world. The dress code is relaxed. There is no gala dinner on Saturday, but an informal dinner with local cuisine and some light entertainment.

Temperatures and weather.

Temperatures for the same period in 2014 showed highest with 17,7 Celsius and lowest 7,4 Celsius. Some rain and wind is likely to be expected. Warm clothes is recommended and sensible shoes for walking in the city and at the attractions.


The total number of participants is expected to be around 55. The hotel is not busy during the weekend. Should we have more bookings than 55 there is availability for more guests.

Travel information.

The city of Tromsø, Norway is located in the Troms County at 69 degrees north. The city has about 80.000 inhabitants. The city has a history that dates back to 1252 when the Viking king Håkon Håkonsson build a church on the island.

There is no train service to Tromsø. Most visitors to Tromsø arrive by plane. The flight time from Oslo is about 1 hour 45 minutes.

If you prefer to extend your Senotium participation, either before or after, we can recommend a cruise on Hurtigruten. It sails daily between Bergen and Kirkenes. Hurtigruten dock about 5 minutes of walking from the hotel.

Kind regards,
JCI Norwegian Senate

Marianne Nordli
2015 Senate President

Contact details: +47 41 65 85 65 or manordli(at)



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